Dear Visitor,

I cannot make the sun shine for you. But I can arrange events for you, which make your company and your business shine and which will fill your guests with bright enthusiasm.

No event is like the other. Every event is a unique project and therefore is a chance to offer uniqueness to the guests or participants.

To make you use this chance within your next event, I provide my services with my newly founded company “bitterschön!”.

Before I founded “bitterschön!”, for over two and a half decades, I created, organized and staged exclusive experience-events as far as festive Galas for the BILD group / WELT group (BILD, BILD am SONNTAG, COMPUTER BILD, SPORT BILD, DIE WELT ¬and WELT AM SONNTAG) as a project manager at Axel Springer AG. My activities comprised everything – from idea to conception, guest-management, coordination and realization as far as follow-up.

Not to mention countless details, which distinguish a fine from a fantastic event. Hence, I have available a wealth of experience and Know-how, which – in all modesty – is outstanding and which I offer for my clients as consultant and coordinator.

In cooperation with a network of reliable first-class specialists, “bitterschön!” conceptualizes and implements even extraordinary events for companies, institutions or private individuals. Whether Gala, Get Together, Welcome, Fair, Presentation, Incentives, Conference, Training or Party: whenever it involves experience, enjoyment and sustainable success through a fascinating event and an extraordinary location, we can arrange literally everything for you. We provide services of overall organization or like to assist you in parts of your event.

In all projects, I work with a transparent expenses system: We invite offers of specialists, analyze and evaluate them and formulate a recommendation. For the specialists who work under my overall control, “bitterschön!” prepares an overview of facts in advance, based on which you can make your decision. After your decision for the certain specialist/specialists we award the contract in your name. The invoicing will be made directly to you. Myself with “bitterschön!” I work on a fee basis – without any additional commission for suppliers.

I cannot make the sun shine for you – see above – but perhaps I can arouse your interest and your wish for a one-to-one appointment? You are very welcome to contact me

– I look forward to it!